Great software architecture is like petrified LIVING music. – Goethe, with a modern twist
The term  '(software) engineer' is related to 'genesis' -- the beginning of creation.

I build awesome websites with Drupal ( as well as PHP, JavaScript, etc.), a website framework which offers many advantages to you. Here is a what I can do for you:

  • Create technically and visually awesome websites or web-systems to the highest of standards — from conception, to development and maintenance:quality and elegance all-around, done with peace-of mind service.
  • Expertly craft your websites using Drupal ( as well as Javascript, jQuery, PHP, CSS, SASS,Composer, etc.).
    • Drupal 7, Drupal 8,  Drupal 9 ( Drupal 6 )
    • Drupal site building / Drupal architecture: selection and configuration of modules.
    • Drupal Module Development, using sound principles from software engineering (i.e. UML, Design Patterns, OOP, etc .).
    • Drupal Theming, including responsive design.
    • Existing Drupal sites: maintenance and changes
    • Drupal site upgrades: D6 to D7/ D8, D7 to D8 or D9
    • Drupal Consulting.
    • Drupal Training.
    • E-Commerce with "Drupal Commerce" shopping cart system.
    • multi-lingual websites.
    • Business Logic and processes: The encoding of your business processes in software.
  • Develop or consult on your project; support or train you or your staff.
  • Project management, agile devolvement, SCRUM, or waterfall.
  • All work is version controlled ( GIT ).
  • Server setup (linux)
  • Engage with you with a friendly attitude and always with a smile, all the while getting it done:  "Peace of Mind" service -- you should always feel treated well.
  • Work for you either as a Drupal freelancer, or as a virtual Drupal internet agency with the help of some other highly skilled and qualified developers.
  • I work with you remotely no matter where you are.While I am based out of Trier, Germany, near Luxembourg, I routinely work with customers all over Europe.
  • Do all of this at the quality level of a large internet agency or Drupal agency, yet at a lower price (see below).
  • Technologies and techniques:Drupal 7, Drupal 8, Drupal 9, Drupal-Commerce (shop system), PHP, Javascript, Jquery, Ajax, MySql, SQL, HTML5, CSS, SASS, Composer, Apache, Linux, server setup,GIT version control, Java, C/C++, UML, Design Patterns
  • Ticket Systems: Atlasian Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, etc.

Quality and Peace-of-mind-service, at agency level

In my career, which now spans over 25+ years, I've done a lot, from super-large to small projects, and I know a lot about software development and software systems. 

For that reason, I see myself foremost as a very good and highly experienced software engineer / software architect … who happens to use Drupal since 2008… and does so expertly.  And even though Drupal is really cool, I always follow this guideline: Think great software design first, Drupal second. 

I just do Drupal right! Or stated otherwise: I build your website correctly, just with Drupal. 

The overall guideline to me is to produce quality, along with peace-of-mine service.  

With that regard, I put my work up there with any good Drupal agency or internet agency.  As a matter of fact, you get most of the pluses of a good Drupal agency, minus many shortcomings (as confirmed to me by many of my customers):


  Large internet/Drupal agency The way
Competence - You do not know who will be assigned to you, and how experience they are. + You always get me, that is: one awesome developer.  If the need calls to scale up, I do work with other good developers.
Communication - Limited line of input and feedback:   You do not get to talk to the coder, but to a project manager who often has limited technical expertise. + You can talk directly with me.  I am your developer and project manager.
leanness - You pay multiple people for the same work:  the developer and layers of managers. + Leaner:  just me.
Consistency - Good coders do not always stick around.  Your project may start with a great coder, but then the person leaves, and the agency has to scramble to fill the vacancy. + I’ll always be here doing this for as long as I have this company (no plans to change).
Change Requests - If you want changes, agencies may have a long waiting period before somebody can get to your request. + I typically don’t get overloaded to the point where I can’t help you at all in a pinch.
Rates - Good internet agencies can be very expensive, they have to pay for fancy office space, more advertising, and other perks – all of which you’ll end up paying for. + I am not cheap, but cheaper than an agency as I don’t have the same overhead.


25+ years Experience

My advantage goes beyond my experience with Drupal itself: it is my 25+ years experience in software engineering. Because at the end of the day, any website is nothing more than a large software system, and it helps to have worked outside the Drupal universe in other large Enterprise systems such as at Marriott and Disney.

This makes me look beyond Drupal, and I set up the system using sound software engineering principles (i.e. Object Oriented, Design Patterns, UML).

My Qualifications

  • Ph.D. Candidate in Computer Science, University of Pennsylvania ( Ivy League University )
  • Master of Science in Computer Science, University of Florida
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, University of Utah
  • 25+ Years IT Experience, some with very large and world-renowned companies
  • Drupal since around 2008
  • Languages: English and German (bi-lingual)