Book Promotion site with social network features


Promotional site for books, which at the time featured e-learning and community features.

Reverse Shopping Cart

Reverse Shopping Cart

E-Commerce Website with a “reverse shopping cart” to buy up articles, which will then be sold in stores.

Subcontract: Website of a large magazine

Illustrierte Website

Subcontracting on a website for a large European Magazine.

Job Portal

Job Börse

Subcontracting on a job board and E-Commerce site where people can earn points for services and partake in a monthly payout for most points.

Information portal for recreational sailors

Portal for sailors

Subcontracting on a website for sailors that displayed current navigational information and warnings.

Intranet "Paperless Office System"

Intranet Papierloses Büro System

Intranet Application where one can enter invoices, customers, job-applications, etc.

Car-Sale Portal

Auto Börse

Car sales portal, where commercial sellers can post car listings.

TV using Drupal

TV mit Drupal

User and channel management in a TV application.