Drupal Expert and Developer for Quality Websites

Hi, I'm Hanns Porr,  I am a Drupal expert and freelance Drupal developer, and create awesome websites.

Hporr.com: very good Drupal developer, Drupal expert, great Drupal programmer, Drupal freelancer, Drupal consultant, and works on the level of a good Drupal agency

“Sounds good,” you say,  “so what can you do for me?”  Let me give you an intro (details here):

  • As a Drupal expert and freelance Drupal programmer, I create for you technically and visually awesome  websites, web-systems and web-apps — from conception, to development and maintenance, and to the highest quality standards
  • I am an expert Drupal developer (Drupal 7, Drupal 8 / 9 / 10; also  PHP,  JavaScript, CSS) for site building, Drupal modules and theming, or Drupal Commerce (shop systems), etc.
  • I am a Drupal Consultant, and knowledgably advise or train you, including workflow, version control, best practices, etc.
  • I work as a Drupal freelancer, and do this at the quality level of a large Drupal agency, and at a reasonable price.

Drupal Expert and outstanding Drupal Service

“Cool, anything else?”  Yeah,  I do all this while providing what I call peace-of-mind service.   “OK, what’s that?”  Let me explain:  Just think about when you had some other service done that you found exceptional; it probably included some of this:

  • Being accessible: You want to be able to reach me, whenever you need help with Drupal.
  • Good Communication:  being kept informed about the progress, status and planning of your Drupal project etc.
  • Trust in the quality of work and service:  that your Drupal project is in good hands with a top Drupal developer!
  • Reasonable turnaround time.
  • Help coming up with a good solution.
  • And again:  all that, and a great result at a reasonable price.

I want the experience for you to be this kind of 'peace of mind service.’ 
Because, no matter how hard the problem, you should understand that I'll take care of it for you and will get it done.

Experienced Drupal Developer and Drupal Freelancer with over 25 Yeas of Professional Service

As a Drupal Expert, I can built you any Drupal website you desire — you are truly only limited by your imagination.

But my expertise and knowledge goes far beyond Drupal. 

Overall I have over 25 years experience as a software engineer and project lead, with renowned customers like The Walt Disney Animation StudiosMarriott Hotels,  and many other large and small companies all over Europe and the US, and develop Drupal websites since 2008. 

I also hold a masters and bachelor degree in Computer Science, and worked on a Ph.D. \

And this experience shows in my work as Drupal Developer, both in the final results and in the way I interact with you.  (More about me.)

For you:  no stress, no worries, just results.
So just relax, come on in, and let one of the best take care of it for you.

And I want to convey the same to you, here:  If you work with me, it will get done and it will be a good experience.

Prices for my Drupal Development: Quality comes First

“Sounds just like what I want!”, you say, “But how much does this cost?”  In general, my rates are reasonable and are in line with other good Drupal freelance IT professionals, Drupal developers or a Drupal agency.   

But I will admit: I don’t compete so much on  price, but on Quality – delivering the best product and Drupal service.  

You will always be able to find somebody cheaper than me -- but you will be hard pressed to find a better freelance Drupal programmer (More on pricing.)

I lay down that my works ranks with some of the best Drupal developers that you will come across, and is on par with a good Drupal agency – in fact, it often is better

Diagram shows the spectrum of quality in Druapal Website development: Hanns-Oskar Porr develops quality Drupal websites, at the level of a good Drupal agency, as a freelance Drupal Developer, independent Drupal programmer, Drupal expert, Drupal Consultant, and Drupal freelancer

With me, you will always get the best system and Drupal support.  To sum it all up:  You will get a quality Drupal system, with peace-of-mind service,  done by a top Drupal developer.

So my questions to you is: What is more important to you? A lower price, but an inferior system and Drupal support? Or Quality, peace of mind service, and overall satisfaction? I hope you pick the latter; if so, I am your man.

So please contact me about your needs for Drupal websites, Drupal module-development, or Drupal consulting. I will be happy to assist you.