Mulan Spielfilm
  • Screen Credit
  • Software Supervisor for Production Software, Florida Studio (Orlando)
  • Lead a team of several developers
  • Developed Disney’s third instance for a 3D crowd animation system  (“Attila”)
  • This was used to animate all the battle scenes with the hun horses storming down a snowy landscape.  This was a highly interactive program that allowed animators to stage characters and motions.
  • A second derivate was produced that used billboard-animations of hand-drawn animations instead ( texture mapped animations).  This was used, among others, for the palace scenes featuring thousands of entities.
  • I developed a computer vision program that extracted outlines of hand-drawn animation characters.
  • I developed an animation tool to animate and render Trees, as taken directly from a hand drawn layout.  Alas, it was never used in production, as the Art direction changed.