Reward-Configurator Intranet site

Intranet Konfigurator für Belohnungsreise

Top-employees can configure their offsite reward. 2011-2018 previous

Previous version of this website here, featuring my business for software and website development.

Book Promotion site with social network features


Promotional site for books, which at the time featured e-learning and community features.

Reverse Shopping Cart

Reverse Shopping Cart

E-Commerce Website with a “reverse shopping cart” to buy up articles, which will then be sold in stores.

Subcontract: Website of a large magazine

Illustrierte Website

Subcontracting on a website for a large European Magazine.

Job Portal

Job Börse

Subcontracting on a job board and E-Commerce site where people can earn points for services and partake in a monthly payout for most points.

Information portal for recreational sailors

Portal for sailors

Subcontracting on a website for sailors that displayed current navigational information and warnings.

Community Chess Portal

Community Portal für Schachspieler

Subcontracting on a community chess site, featuring news and learning activities.

Corporate website for game-consoles

Unternehmen für Spiele-Konsolen

Subcontracting on corporate website for a multi-national manufacturer of game-consoles

Intranet "Paperless Office System"

Intranet Papierloses Büro System

Intranet Application where one can enter invoices, customers, job-applications, etc.