Drupal Developer and Drupal Programmer

My name is Hanns Porr,  I am a freelance Drupal developer and Drupal programmer, and build Drupal websites since 2008.  I work with you as a Drupal Exert and Drupal freelancer, anywhere and remote in Germany, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland, and Europe.

Hporr.com, a Drupal developer, Drupal expert, Drupal programmer, Drupal Freelancer, Drupal Consultant, working at the level of a good Drupal Agency.

Drupal Developer with over 25 Years of Professional Experience

My expertise as a Drupal developer is in the development of Drupal Modules, Drupal Themes, Drupal Commerce shop systems, or REST / JSON-API web interfaces and webservices for Drupal systems.

But I am not only a Drupal Expert, but my expertise runs deeper than Drupal.  Altogether, I have over 25+ years experience as a software engineer, and worked with renowned Fortune 200 companies such as Walt Disney and Mariott.

Today I work as a freelance Drupal programmer for my own customers, on large Drupal systems with over hundreds of thousands of pages, and also on small Drupal projects, for example for Clubs and organizations etc.

Drupal is great, but good Drupal Development is not easy

Since I started with Drupal as a Drupal Developer, I have done and experienced a lot.  That includes taking over some existing Drupal projects that were not built so well.  Not every Drupal programmer is good.

Drupal is a great system, and you can do practically anything with it, from small to very large and interactive websites.  And it used to be that Drupal development was easier, and you could maybe program something purely as a hobby yourself.

This has changed since Drupal 8.  Surely, Drupal systems since Drupal 8 ( Drupal 9, Drupal 10) are all huge improvements, both technically and as far as usability.  But admittedly, it also became harder to program Drupal,  for example because the system became more object-oriented, and because other basis systems were added (Symfony, Twig, Composer).

With all that, it became harder for somebody with only limited programming experience to develop good software.

Drupal Development with a really good Drupal Programmer

Because of this, it makes sense to have your Drupal Development done by a top Drupal developer.

Preferably by a Drupal Developer who has general experience with Software design and programming, and who has also studied computer science.

Such as myself:  I am a Drupal developer, but I see myself foremost as an excellent software engineer and software architect. Long before Drupal, even PHP, I developed large systems in C/C++ and Java. I hold a bachelor and master degree in computer science form renowned US universities, and also was a Ph.D. candidate in computer science in the US.  And I use all this knowledge and expertise in my Drupal development.

I have seen many Drupal systems, including bad ones, and for that reason I have a good base for comparison:  I can honestly say, I do Drupal development correct, and well.  I other words, I work for you as a Drupal expert.

In summary:  Do you need a top Drupal developer for your System?  A Drupal programmer who works with you as a freelancer, and develops for you custom Drupal modules, or Drupal theming?  A freelance Drupal Expert, who also advises and consults you?

Then, I am your man.

My name is Hanns Porr and I am a Drupal developer.