Subcontract: Website of a large magazine

Illustrierte Website

Subcontractor for an agency which develops this site, at the time in Drupal 6.

Online Edition of a very large Swiss magazine, with 100K+ pages.   This was an extremely large existing website, maintained by another agency, for which I subcontracted. I implemented various new functionality:

  • Acquia cloud: switcher for mobile/desktop view     
  • Bug fixes, for example problems with imagecache and galleries.
  • Custom Module:  allow users to select pages/images for adservers, write data into XML stream.
  • Security issue: Safely disable the PHP mode without losing functionality.  This was a fairly big effort, as it meant to figure out where PHP is used in this huge system, with hundreds of thousands of nodes, panels, views, etc., and safely disable this by providing special templates (tpl) instead.